Artificial Grass Installation

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synthetic grass installation

Why hire a STC certified synthetic grass installation expert? The STC Certified Turfs and Landscape program are a nongovernmental, self-paced certification program by which qualified individuals can document their basic level of expertise on installation of synthetic grass. Through this certification, an individual demonstrates his or her ability to know the basics about grasses, lawn maintenance and lawn irrigation systems. Qualification also gives a person an edge in competing for jobs that involve turf installations, whether they are related to turf management or landscape architecture. Certification also gives a person the ability to charge a competitive rate for installing artificial grass.

Pricing Is Important

Some contractors may shy away from installing synthetic grass because of the cost involved. However, there are ways to install artificial grass without going over budget. A good contractor should be able to provide accurate pricing estimates and should be able to give prospective clients facts about the product such as product life cycle costs and how to calculate drainage rates. It is important to remember that synthetic grass installation does not have to be extremely expensive if one is aware of how to price the job correctly.

The best way to ensure that synthetic grass installation is properly priced is to follow a few simple rules. For instance, if a contractor estimates that a lawn requires a certain number of rows of fake grass, he or she should use that number for the initial quote. Also, if a contractor is suggesting a solution for a drainage system, it is important to discuss the possible solutions and what each would cost in its place. Finally, when a contractor is suggesting any type of irrigation system for artificial grass installation, it is important to consider that the total installation might cost more or less than if the irrigation system was only installed temporarily. Allowing the contractor to create a realistic budget and taking advantage of those estimates can help a client avoid overpaying for their fake grass installations.

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