Bridal Boudoir Photography

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Bridal boudoir photography, sometimes called just boudoir photography, is basically a style of solo photography shoot which focuses on romantic, erotic, or even flirtatious poses posing. Wearing sexy lingerie (sometimes all the way nude, if you are comfortable with that) is very common during a bridal boudoir photography shoot as the pictures are intended to evoke a more intimate, physical sensation. Brides want their wedding photographs to be memorable and totally beautiful. Photographers want to capture the moment and create a work of art.

Erotic Lingerie and Photo shoots

bridal boudoir photography


It’s important to keep in mind that this type of photography often requires a great deal of foreplay. In fact, most bridal boudoir photography sessions last anywhere from one to two hours. As such, you should definitely have your partner with you during every step of the process. This will ensure a fun, intimate wedding night.

You don’t need to choose your partner specifically for a photo shoot, however; you may want to choose someone special to take the photos besides your future spouse. Consider including family members or close friends in the photo shoot. Maybe you’d like to take the shoot during a beach trip or vacation. Just make sure that whoever you choose will really understand what you are trying to portray through your sexy lingerie photos. Remember to have fun and be comfortable.

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