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Marlborough Sounds is one of the most scenic regions in New Zealand, offering spectacular views of the coastline and mountain ranges as well as plenty of opportunities for seeing new Zealand’s unique flora and fauna. The Marlborough Sounds region was formed during the Ice Age when the cool coastal waters of the Marlborough Region were warm enough to allow salt from ocean water to be dissolved into the fresh water. The result was saltpans and geysers along the coastline, giving the region the distinctive red rock tresses that are characteristic of New Zealand’s Marlborough Sounds. Along with this wealth of fauna and scenery comes some unique wines. This area is known for having some of the best quality wines in the world, and if you want to taste some of the best you need to go to the Marlborough vineyards.

Marlborough Vineyards & Blenheim Vineyards

marlborough vineyards


The region has a lot to offer visitors who want to experience new Zealand’s unique environment. Its climate is sub-tropical, with hot summers and cooler winters, making it a great place for nature lovers. The Marlborough vineyards have long held their Sauvignon Blanc grape, which is a medium sized white wine that’s very popular with wine enthusiasts. The unique taste comes from the variety of grapes grown in the region including syrah, Chardonnay and grenache, which are usually only found in the richest part of the region. It’s also worth noting that there is an annual production of a number of premium wines that are shipped to restaurants and bars all around New Zealand.

Of course, no tour of Marlborough vineyards would be complete without stopping at the Blenheim wine tasting hotel. Here you’ll get the chance to taste premium wines from New Zealand’s most prestigious vineyards, including favourites like the Yamada and Moeraki vineyards. The tasting room has a great collection of red and white wines, and this is also the place you’ll find free tastings by winemakers, so you can enjoy a few bottles along with a meal. And don’t forget – Marlborough hosts one of the country’s biggest fairs of wine, the Muckie Smackdown, every May.

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