New Jersey Superior Court Service of Process

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New Jersey Superior Court Service of Process

If you’re in need of a professional process server, you should know that the state’s rules for service of process have recently changed. Until this change, you’d have to personally serve a subpoena. Now, though, you can serve a subpoena by mail. Previously, personal service was required. Listed below are the changes that took effect on August 1.

The Process Of Serving Process

The process of serving process in a court case should be as accurate as possible. It should be delivered in a timely manner to avoid delays in the case. New Jersey Superior Court Service of Process requires that you serve the original process, and then file the copy with the court within the designated time period. The proof of service must state the person’s name, date, and mode of service. The plaintiff’s attorney should be given a copy of the proof of service.

There are many different methods to serve a summons and complaint. You can deliver a copy to an individual personally, or you can leave a copy at their place of residence. If the individual fails to accept the service, it’s considered to be valid service. If you are not in the state of New Jersey, however, you can still serve a person through the mail or through a commercial courier service. You must remember that if you are served by mail, you must use certified mail.

The process of serving process in a New Jersey superior court is easy. Using a professional process server is easy, and the service will be fast and hassle-free. In New Jersey, process servers are allowed to use email to serve a party. You need to have the person’s consent to this and a copy of this consent should be filed with the court. Unless the person agrees to electronic service, the email must be sent before 5:00 P.M. Eastern Time on a regular business day. If you fail to do so, it will be deemed sent on the following business day.

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