Tips on Buying the Best E Bike Conversion Kit For You

Best EBike Conversion Kits are now proving a very popular alternative to purchasing outright expensive, factory made electric bikes. These electric bike conversion kits enable you to convert your ordinary bicycle into an electric e-bike by adding certain parts including a DC motor that are usually included in the kit. The motorized component is usually an upgraded version of the standard motor found on your bike. It can provide enough torque to propel the bicycle forward even when you’re not pedaling at all. This gives you an extra kick to push yourself away from the pedals and get you further down the road.

best ebike conversion kit

Tips on Buying the Best E Bike Conversion Kit For You

Choosing the best bike conversion kit depends on several factors like the capacity of your battery, how much power you intend to run from your own electric motor, how fast you intend to go (in kilometers per hour) and what type of bicycle you have. There are two main types of bike kits available – the front wheel drive (FTR) and the rear wheel drive (FRR). A FTR bicycle requires a much larger battery than a FRR bicycle because it is more complicated and heavier to handle. To save money on your electric bike purchase, it may be best to choose a FTR kit over a FRR kit. A FTR bicycle has a simpler engineering design with a single chain ring and a threaded pedal crank axle to simplify mounting and remove the motor. If you plan on using a FTR kit long term, a rear wheel drive is advised.

Your next step should be to check current prices online for the bike conversion kit of your choice. Compare the features and benefits of each different kit so you can make an informed decision. It may also be a good idea to check with your local bike shop to see if they carry any of the best bike conversion kit prices. Many bike shops have the ability to sell used parts at substantial savings so if you need to replace a part soon, you will not have to pay full retail. By using these tips, you can find the best bike conversion kit at the best price.

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