Vehicle Charger Installation Costs and Requirements

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Vehicle Charger Installation

If you’ve decided to purchase a Vehicle Charger Installation for your car, the next step is to decide which outlet you need. A heavy-duty outlet is the most basic requirement and should be a grounded 120-Volt 20-Amp circuit. You can either use an adapter plug to plug into your car’s electrical outlet or purchase a separate heavy-duty outlet to plug into your charging station. A heavy-duty outlet comes with a built-in cable, which can be removed if you need to move it to a different location.

You Should Also Consider The Location Of Your EV Charger

A wall-mounted charging station with a Level 2 240-volt outlet will cost between $850 and $2,200. In the Cape Coral area, the average price for an EV charging station is around $1,200. You can hire an electrician to estimate the total cost of installing a charging station. Adding a dedicated circuit to an existing panel will cost about $148, while replacing an old electrical panel can cost anywhere from $2,500. The electrician will have to install a double-pole circuit breaker.

Before buying an EV charger, you should ensure that your home or building is electrically-safe. Make sure your local electrical authority has approved the installation before moving forward with the installation. You should also consider the location of your EV charger, as some require hardwiring. If you’re installing an EV charger on your property, it’s crucial that you hire a licensed electrician. These professionals will not only be able to install your EV chargers properly, but they’ll also be able to answer all of your questions about the benefits of EVs.

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