What Is Removal?

The concept of removals has changed over the years. Today, the federal government often uses two separate terms to describe when it arrests an unauthorized immigrant and takes him or her out of the country. There are generally referred to as “removals”returns.” “Returns” involve only a court order, while “removals” involve everything that happens between the arrest and the actual removal from the United States of an illegal alien. Resource – www.a1removalsplymouth.co.uk

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There are also situations in which removals will require a legal process. When an immigration judge rules that an individual who has been removed from the United States is not eligible for reentry into the United States, the individual must either be taken back into custody by the Department of Homeland Security, or placed in removal facilities until their case is resolved. In other words, removal facilities are used to house immigrants who are being removed from the United States for purposes of a deportation order.

While many people believe that removals are synonymous with deportation, the term is not always appropriate. When an immigrant has been arrested, but the charges were dropped, his or her removal is called an arraignment. An arraignment, unlike a deportation proceeding, does not result in a court-ordered removal. Instead, the person will appear before a judge in a criminal court and make an admission of guilt or otherwise state the charges against him or her.

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