Why Job Boards Uses Applicant Tracking Systems


An applicant tracking system is basically a computer program that enables the easy electronic management of human resource requirements. ATSs can be operated either on-site by an employer or remotely online at small or business-level, depending upon the organization’s requirements; open-source and closed-source ATSs are also available. The applicant tracking system has a feature to share data with the human resources department and other departments involved in the recruitment process, which helps them in getting a better job candidate.


There are several ways in which companies use the latest technology to streamline the recruiting process. For one, most of these companies use on-boarding applicant tracking systems (AOTS) to simplify the entire recruitment process. Through AOTS, they get instant access to a database with relevant data pertaining to the job description, skills, experience, education and past work history of an applicant. The database is updated regularly, and applicants are required to answer basic questions which helps in filtering the list of candidates for interviews. Some of the benefits that businesses get through AOTSs include reduction in recruiting costs, reduction in recruitment costs and increase in quality.


Another way in which companies use the latest technologies to streamline the job boards is through passive candidates. Such passive candidates refer applicants to the right job boards, which results in increased efficiency of the recruitment process. With the help of passive candidates, employers are able to save time and money on recruitment without compromising on accuracy and completeness. Some of the benefits that employers get through AOTSs include elimination of paperwork and calculation of information, reduction of errors and calculation errors, reduction of red tape, reduction in recruiting costs, improved quality and flexibility, improved communication and coordination among job boards, and easy accessibility of job candidates.

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